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Easter Island : Three exhibitions in Occitanie

Easter Island : Three exhibitions in Occitanie


Easter Island, marooned in the vast Pacific Ocean and confined to a piece of land of 165 km², was one of the last lands colonised by humans in around the year one thousand. The island fascinates us as much because of its loca-tion as its unusual creations, and has never ceased to ins-pire collective Western imagination, fuelling fantasies and the strangest of tales. But it is also a living territory that is still evolving: some of its secrets are being unveiled with advances in science.Three museums have teamed up to put on three comple-mentary exhibitions throughout summer 2018. They bring together a rare and unique set of objects from major public and private collections. Every visitor can discover the mul-tiple facets of this island through the prism of the themes developed in each of the different locations: the fascina-ting universe of the sculpted figures in Rodez; the enigma-tic written language of Rongorongo and tales of explorers in Figeac; and the ancient and modern history of the island from a natural, cultural and social viewpoint in Toulouse.


The Shadow of the Gods
Fenaille Museum (Rodez)
30/06/18 - 04/11/18


If Wood could Talk
Champollion Museum (Figeac)
30/06/18 - 04/11/18


The Navel of the World ?
Toulouse Museum
30/06/18 - 30/06/19